Seek, make-sense and share (then repeat)

As I’ve attempted to keep up with mass of information flowing through ETMOOC this week, my mind has turned to reflecting on the work of Harold Jarche and his writings on personal knowledge management (PKM). (I discovered his work years ago as he occasionally skewers the public education system here in New Brunswick, but that would be a whole other post).

He’s written again today on the topic and his graphics illustrate a model we can all use as we try to pull together the bits and pieces in ETMOOC.

Of particular importance to me will be the presentation aspect … for me blogging … pulling together all of my ideas and making them understandable to others, especially people not immersed in the language of edtech and learning.  Customization will also be key … finding the stories that will resonate here in New Brunswick.

I encourage you to read Harold’s work – it will be a framework to get me through the challenge of MOOCing.

“seek, make sense, share (then repeat)”


3 responses to “Seek, make-sense and share (then repeat)

  1. Thanks for this. I feel a bit like I am swimming in an ocean of information and need to harness the power of it rather than just flounder around. I like this notion and will look into Jarche’s work (along with all the other things coming my way!)

  2. I appreciate the the PKM suggestion. I was just thinking about both the theoretical and practical learnings that could come from being immersed in this MOOC environment and having to find ways, mental processes, and tech strategies to manage all of the data/ideas!

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