ETMOOC begins in a few days … I am really looking forward to stretching my connections in new directions.

The organizers have done a fantastic job of orienting a diverse group of people to the mission. I’ve used the Orientation page at to guide me in:

  • fixing up my very neglected blog by adding a new menu, new tags and an archive;
  • adding the blog aggregator page to my own RSS tool of choice;
  • adding columns to tweetdeck for all 3 lists of ETMOOC partipants (1200 and counting!), as well as the #ETMOOC hashtag;
  • joined the Google+ ETMOOC Community, I’ve not used G+ much so I’m looking forward to getting to know my way around;
  • added the ETMOOC Google calendar to my own; and
  • updating my page and attempting to update my profile pic across all my social spaces (I’ve found that avatars and profile pics are very useful cues in trying to get to know folks in these massive spaces).

My personal goals for participating in ETMOOC are to consolidate my own knowledge base of connected learning and educational technology, and therefore be a better advocate for it in public education, and to continue to encourage educators to consider non-teacher (eg parent) perspectives when shifting pedagogy.


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