An interesting website is developing over at The site is designed around the work of the 21st Century Learning Initiative (John Abbott), is funded by the Canadian Council on Learning, and administered by Classroom Connections. The partners are hoping to draft “a movement to radically transform education” and they are hoping to draw more of us into the movement:

It is the hope of all three organizations that this site will be used by youth, educators, parents and community members as a place to make connections, explore ideas, share experiences and get support. By facilitating discussions around the site and around the idea of transforming education, we can begin the process of shifting public consciousness and inspire a groundswell of activities, initiatives and pressure that will be a force for the re-invention of education.

Last summer I attended one of John Abbott’s lectures titled “Let Children be Children” and was very interested in his theories about how brain research should be integrated into how we design our learning systems. At you can find many links to Abbott’s work as well as many other resources. The site brings an interesting mix of information together: research papers, videos, blogs and forums. Topics are varied and include motivation, engagement, creativity and 21st century skills. 

This website is aiming to bring together all those with a passion for public education in Canada to share information and ideas.  It is still in the early stages, but hopefully others will join in soon and we really can CHANGE LEARNING.


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