My journey from consumer to producer

Curious: marked by a desire to investigate and learn.

I’ve always been a curious person. Perhaps it stems from being an only child who found companionship in books; perhaps it stems from having parents who valued post-secondary education enough to help me earn two degrees in very different fields; perhaps it is just a matter of my genes imparting me with a high curiosity quotient.

My curious nature has led me to be a “news junkie” and the easily consumable news offered by the internet led me to spend more and more time online.  A few years ago my time online morphed into reading (and occasionally commenting on) political blogs.  

About 18 monts ago I came across a newspaper article that struck a deep cord. It was by a technology mentor (Jeff Whipple) who was so enthusiastic about the potential of 1:1 learning environments that he was driven to let the world (okay New Brunswick) know about their potential.  I began reading his blog and eventually I contacted him to learn more. Jeff made sure I was invited to the 21C Learning conference held here last August where David Warlick was the keynote speaker. After hearing David I was hooked.

My time as a pure consumer lasted about 8 months. I had accumulated so much inspiration, information, stimulation and frustration,  I needed a place to put it all together and make sense of it. Hence Tools of Engagement, my personal learning environment, was born.

Final Note to this reflection blog – this post was originally inspired by Jeff Utecht’s post of March 12 “Moving from Consumer to Producer of Information“, but it has come full-circle this evening. After reading Will Richardson’s post “On Infovores and Infofighters” I now understand I’m an “infovore” (an information junkie) just looking to create a little love!


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