All the world's a Twitter,

and all the men and women are avid players.

It seems one of the most popular social networking tools around is Twitter – a microblogging application that asks people “what are you doing right now”.  The personal learning networks of many people I follow in RSS have embraced Twitter as an important participatory tool, and for some people tweeting has replaced blogging.

When I began writing this post yesterday I was firmly convinced that I should master the art of blogging before becoming at Twitterer. Reading Will Richardson’s  recent post I doubted Twitter’s claim  that “It puts you in control and becomes a modern antidote to information overload”. Will asked the question:

Are we getting too distracted, too connected, too participatory for our own good?

My 20C skills kept telling me to not get distracted – take these applications 1 at a time. Alas Lorna Costantini’s opinion that some parents who may not have/take the time to blog may still communicate on Twitter by posting links, etc made me reconsider my views. 

I’ve realized that embracing 21C tools means giving up some of my 20C mindset – these tools aren’t hieracrchical and sometimes you have to go wide before you can go deep. 

Certainly I have benefitted already from those who tweet – much of the early traffic to Tools of Engagement is thanks to Jeff Whipple who let people know about my blog. Thanks Jeff, and thank you to all who have left encouraging comments.


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